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By Srijan 14 August, 2018
HTML basics quiz
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Test Your HTML Knowledge

This quiz has 15 multiple choice questions. Only one answer is correct for all questions. If you click on the correct answer it will get highlighted in green and for the incorrect answer, it will get highlighted in red. If the first attempt is not correct, you can click on other options to discover the correct answer(as mentioned earlier, the correct answer will get highlighted in green).

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  • HTML Basics Quiz

    1. HTML is a ____________ .

    • Markup Language
    • Programming Language
    • Scripting Language
    • Query Language

    2. HTML is used for ____________ ?

    • describing the presentation of Web pages.
    • defining the structure and layout of a Web document.
    • making a web page interactive.
    • None of the above

    3. Which of the doctype declarations are correct ?

    • <DOCTYPE html>
    • DOCTYPE html
    • !DOCTYPE html
    • <!DOCTYPE html>

    4. Which heading tag should be used only once in a web document.

    • <h2>
    • <h1>
    • <h4>
    • <h6>

    5. Which is a block level element ?

    • <a>
    • <p>
    • <span>
    • <em>

    6.Who is responsible for creating and maintaining web standards ?

    • Microsoft
    • European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA)
    • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
    • Google

    7. Which tag will you use to add an ordered list ?

    • <em>
    • <ul>
    • <kbd>
    • <ol>

    8. What is purpose of <!DOCTYPE html> ?

    • to make webpage load fast.
    • to make website more presentable.
    • to prevent browser from entering quirks mode.
    • None of the above.

    9. Which tags will you use for creating a table ?

    • <table><tr><td>
    • <table><ul><li>
    • <table><row><column>
    • None of the above

    10. which tag will you use to add a text area ?

    • <textarea>
    • <input type="textarea">
    • <input type="text">
    • <input>

    11. Which attribute is used to make a button unusable and un-clickable?

    • disable
    • disabled
    • unclickable
    • required

    12. Which attribute specifies that an input field is mandatory before submitting the form ?

    • mandatory
    • required
    • compulsory
    • None of the above.

    13. Which of the following tag must be located in head section ?

    • <style>
    • <script>
    • <title>
    • <nav>

    14. How a comment is written in HTML ? ?

    • /* This is a valid comment */
    • // This is a valid comment
    • <!--This is a valid comment-->
    • <--This is a valid comment-->

    15. Which tag is used for a line break ?

    • <hr>
    • <br>
    • <b>
    • <break>


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